Christmas time is near

It seems Christmas gets earlier every year...

As soon as halloween is over, the shops are ready and rolling out their Christmas goodies. Everything from decorations, to treats and eats for the big day. 

There is a big hoopla about present buying, what to get, how much to spend etc. Many times presents are on-sold or returned as they are not wanted. Have you ever received something you really had no use for or didn't like the look of? I know I have.

This is why I ask for no gifts, if my family and friends feel the urge to give me a gift for special occasions, then gift cards are definitely appreciated. I love going and buying something for myself (especially when it wasn't out of my own money!)

This year, we are not only offering special limited edition product lines, but also Gift Certificates!

We now also offer afterpay, so you can buy your gifts now and pay for them over the next 4 weeks!

Get into the Christmas spirit and do or say something kind to someone today.