About Us

Hi, my name is Cathie and I am not only the owner & manager, but I am also the person who makes, packs and ships the products. With the help of my husband Shane, we operate our small business from our home in Caboolture South where we have converted our shed into a commercial kitchen.

I am a chef by trade, a wife, and a mother and I had a dream to supply delicious and nutritious snack foods which people from all walks of life would enjoy, anytime and anywhere.

Shane is my go-to salesman and supporter. He is my best friend and confidante and also provides financial support for the family, working as a concreter to make sure our bills are paid each week.

As a chef, I have worked in various kitchens in my career. The most challenging was in the kitchen of a day-care centre!

Trying to get kids to eat healthy and to make good food choices has always been a challenge with my own kids, it is even harder trying to get other people's kids to do the same. I found the easiest way to get good food into kids was to disguise it and make it look and taste like a treat. 

I adopted this strategy when developing K.I.S. Balls. All my products are gluten free, dairy free and nut free with no preservatives and are also Vegan.


About the Products



Here at Caboolture Real Foods Snacks, we are all about providing healthier options and changing the perception people have about pre-packaged snack foods.

Ready to eat snack foods often have a reputation as being an unhealthy choice and we are made to feel guilty when eating them ...​ well not any more!

All of our products are fruit based with a minimum of 67% fruit in all of our product lines.

They taste great, come in a Healthy Choice range and also, for those who like the sweet stuff, we have a range of confectionery alternative Energy Balls.

Now you can enjoy a chocolate tasting treat without the guilt in our delicious and nutritious range of K.I.S. Balls.

We even have a product which is not chocolate flavoured and actually contains NO cocoa products at all! Our sweet Tropical sensation tastes like a pineapple chunk lolly. With it's fresh flavours of pineapple and coconut, it is perfect as a healthy lolly alternative.

Our products won't melt like chocolate, aren't sticky like lollies and are a source of dietary fibre and natural energy.

Why would you buy anything else?